About Mwahhh

Hello hi. Yes if you haven’t guessed yet it is I the self proclaimed God of all things amazing (idiocy) brought to this forsaken planet to write utter garbage and hope someone reads it and finds it amusing otherwise I might cry!

Yep I’m a British man-boy who’s having his mid-twenties crisis ( does it even exist?) and randomly thought about making a blog because I have literally nothing better to do. That is true, it was either make a blog or eat a pack of Walkers prawn cocktail crisps. I did both. Who knows how long I’ll keep this going, I’m guessing season 8 of The Walking Dead will be in October? So maybe til then. Good plan.

What I blog will mostly be my views on anime, gaming and movies, mixed in with my devilish humour. There will be mistakes on it, whether it is grammar related or technical, and I most likely won’t be bothered to rectify it. I’m not perfect, so why act any different?

ERMMM if you wanna contact me hit the contact button and if you wanna check out my IG and Twitch they are up there as well. I’m not putting a link here, just go up and stop being lazy you layabout.