My Current Personal Challenge: Final Fantasy I-XV

Now me and this series haven’t had the best of relationships. My first experience was watching friends play Final Fantasy VII when I was a young pup. I think I was 11 when I got my first own taste of the series in buying Final Fantasy VIII. I remember my Dad buying it for me, and I was quite intimidated by it, reason being the thick case. I had never had much luck with games with more than one disc. First being Crash Bandiocoot that had a demo of Point Blank 2 included, which I was awful at. The next being Heart of Darkness which in my opinion was an evil entity who’s difficulty made me cry like a little girl who’s barbie fell down a drain and to my knowledge was now covered in ‘people poo’. Then there was The X-Files. Need I go on? 

So I finally had the game, and low and behold, I got to near the end of disc 1 and what happens? It freezes. It’s frozen. Ice age. Frappucino. Finito. One thing I completely regret as a kid was not looking after my discs, I’m surprised that I managed to wipe my own arse looking at the state of my PS1 collection today. So that was my dream of entering the world of Final Fantasy and never leaving destroyed.

I never went back to the series for many years, except I did borrow Final Fantasy X from a classmate in year 8 (8th grade to you cute little yanks out there) and guess what? It froze at the beginning cutscene. I was cursed. My next experience of actually playing Final Fantasy VIII again was a few years back on PSN, it’s safe to say I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand the menu, the commands, anything. How did my younger self of 11 who’s intelligent conversation history was poo and South Park understand it? I have no idea. 

The only other Final Fantasy I’ve sinked my teeth into is Final Fantasy XIII a few months back, although Lightning needs to get a sense of humour and a tan. I got all the way to Chapter 13 on my goal to platinum, but alas the grinding Ceith for Gil! It bored me to tears. Not even turning the volume down and watching repeats of Come Dine With Me on my iPhone (yes I do this regularly, don’t judge) could solve it. I gave up.

I’ve looked a lot on Wikipedia regarding the series and I have always wanted to be passionate about the series but it never seems to work out, so I thought to myself, how about start from the beginning? So here I am.

I have Final Fantasy Origins (Final Fantasy I & II on PS1) ready to go. I plan to finish and review each one of the main titles start to finish, knowing my luck it may take me 40 years, but I’ll get there in the end, right?!?!!!! *sigh*


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