Netflix Mini Movie Review Episode I: Satanic (2016)

So this Monday is very different than your typical one for me. Yep, I have a 2-day hangover. I wish I could go back to when I was 19 and hanging then just repeatedly slap myself and say “You ain’t got no fucking idea mush!” I spent all of yesterday trying to eat and keep it down but alas no joy, and today I’ve tried to play Dark Cloud, but couldn’t concentrate. Then attempted Bloodborne (I wanted to cry every time someone striked me) then realised this will not do. Netflix time.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I spend more time browsing than actually watching anything on this platform. I can never make my mind up, and it just occured to me that maybe others are in this predicament also, how about I choose something randomly from ‘Recently Added’ then give my thoughts on it? So here I am folks. 

What a way to start with this movie though, what a load of absolute pony! I found myself phasing in and out throughout the viewing as nothing interesting really happens. Cut a long story short, it is about a group of friends who are on a bit of a road trip, they like to check out wierd stores and anything to do with cults, can you guess where this is going? I’d explain more, but to be honest, not a lot happens until literally the last 20 minutes. The only thing interesting about this film is that Steven Krueger is the main star (Josh from the Originals) which let’s face it, even The Originals has gone downhill, especially the current season, I don’t know what’s worse. 

So that is my little review for this film, I know what your thinking, too short? It’s the perfect one for it though. A boring and uninteresting review, for a boring and uninteresting movie. 

Pro’s – It’s as good as The Originals Season 3

Cons – Being as good as The Originals Season 3 is nothing to be proud of


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